Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Register for our Embrace Your World IBW 2015 Event!

There is so much packed in to our Embrace Your World IBW 2015 Event! 

Click here to get to the event registration!!! 

Amount of experience in babywearing needed to attend our event? ZERO.

Amount of money needed to attend our event? ZERO.

Amount of carriers you need to bring with you to attend? ZERO. (Of course, if you want help with a carrier you have, please do bring that. But we have a large lending library that you will get to sample and use during our classes.)

But there are lots of big numbers to take note of!

17 Babywearing Educators!!! Our amazing BWI of NCIL group is made up of 3 Master Babywearing Educators (MBEs), 2 Advanced Babywearing Educators (ABEs), and 12 Volunteering Babywearing Educators (VBEs).

You get to look at, touch, and try on carriers from our lending library - that's 60 different brands of carriers and about 200 carriers!

And you get to have FUN! During classes, games, and just chatting with others about babywearing!

Where? Great Lakes Leadership Campus 526 N. Main St. Elburn IL 60119

Here is a listing of the entire day's events for you to peruse and decide what you want to attend. Feel free to attend one class, two, or stay all day! Remember, all these amazing classes are FREE!


Plenty of break time to do all this fun stuff in between whichever class or classes you choose to attend!

9:45am Come and get a breakfast treat provided by Dunkin Donuts before your first class! 

10am-10:45am Your choice of the following classes
         Babywearing 101 sponsored by The Joyful Giraffe
         Ring Sling Workshop
         Babywearing Workout sponsored and taught by Ryan Darby from Pound 4 Pound Fitness

11:15am-12pm Your choice of the following classes
         Intro to Wrapping sponsored by New Leaf Photography
         Mei Tais and Soft Structured Carriers
         Babywearing Yoga being taught by Lisa Gartley

12pm-1pm Lunch provided by Briana's Pancake Cafe as well as the following fun activities
         Ask the VBE - your chance to ask our VBE's whatever questions you may have!
         Babywearing 102 - Now that you learned the basics in 101, browse and try on carriers from our vast lending library.

1:15-2pm Your choice of the following classes
         Wrapping with Shorter Wraps sponsored by Radiant Heart Yoga
         Ring Sling Workshop
         Babywearing Ballet sponsored by Blue Fox Software and taught by Leah Wheatley

2:30-3:15pm Your choice of the following classes
         Intro to Tandem Wearing
         Wrap Back Carries sponsored by Cherilyn Denler Photography
         Babywearing Zumba sponsored and taught by Center-Fit

3:15-3:30pm Raffle prize winners will be announced! 

In case you missed it at the top of this page...

We cannot wait to see you at the BWI of NCIL 2015 IBW Embrace Your World Event! 

A collage of our IBW 2014 Event!

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