Friday, February 28, 2014

A Pavo for our lending library!

We are a very lucky BWI Chapter!  
Marsupial Mamas and Pavo Textiles has graciously donated a beautiful Pavo Form Plume!!!
This wrap is amazing!  It's got this amazing texture to it, is moldable and super supportive.

Wanderlust is part of Pavo Form, their everyday line.  Plume is natural and turquoise colored.  This design is gorgeous!  This is an all cotton wrap and for those into wrap geekery (I know I am!)...the weight is 280 gr/m2

Make sure to try this one at your next meeting.  We're hoping to capture a couple of action pics of it too.  We'll post them on this blog post.  
The leadership team, will make sure that this makes it's way to all the meetings before getting checkout.

Also, please feel free to stop over at Pavo, Pavo Form and Marsupial Mamas 
to say thank you from BWI of North Central Illinois!  

Everyone had a chance to play around with it at the DeKalb evening meeting, they loved it! 

Plume traveled to our Rockford meeting, it was a hit!
One of our members had this to say about it..."Glad to try a Pavo for the first time.  It is a thicker wrap than I am used to, but not super thick.  It has a good grip to it when you want the passes to stay put, but passes slide well into place.  Cushy on the shoulders too.  We would have been comfy for a while too if my daughter didn't want to go run around with the rest of the kids."

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


*****SOUTH ELGIN MEETING for Februrary 6 is cancelled*******

 Fluff Envy is experiencing some flooding so the room is not available. If you would like to exchange carriers, please attend the West Dundee meeting (
or contact Tabitha Goins. Otherwise, we'll see you next month!