Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy Anniversary, BWI of NCIL!

This month marks the 4th year since BWI of North Central Illinois began. It certainly has grown in the past four years, and even in the past year alone.

Our lending library has added many new carriers, enabling us to split four sub-libraries into six. This makes it easier to have high demand carriers at every meeting. Our ability to add to these libraries comes from paid memberships and generous donations from both members and businesses.

Recently our Board of Directors has seen a lot of changes. We thank those volunteers that have served previously and moved on to other things as their children have grown. We want to welcome some new faces as we move into our fifth year as a non-profit organization.

The current BWI of NCIL Board of Directors is:

President - Sarah Montgomery
Vice President - Alieta Guntly
Secretary - Jordana Bullion
Treasurer - Myra Walls
Member Benefits Coordinator - Jamie Symons
Outreach Coordinator - Amanda Tracy 
Training Coordinator - currently vacant

The BWI of NCIL Board of Directors, May 2017
Left to Right: Amanda Tracy, Jordana Bullion, Sarah Montgomery, Myra Walls, Alieta Guntly
Not pictured: Jamie Symons

BWI of North Central Illinois is always looking for volunteers to help in various ways with our group, and the Board of Directors always welcomes input from our members. We all look forward to continuing to make BWI of North Central Illinois a valuable resource for our area. Our group strives to help caregivers in our six county region learn about babywearing as well as to reach out and provide additional resources to  the communities we serve.

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