Saturday, January 24, 2015

Updates to our lending library!

I know that lots of people were sad that we took a break from regular meetings for January. However, we have still been busy behind the scenes. So I figured we'd show you what we were up to.

A group of us got together for a long day full of fun, food, and photography. We took all of our carriers (minus the ones you lovely folks have checked out at the moment) and added a new tag to them. This will make it easier to identify the difference between similar looking carriers and also easier for you to sign out when you are checking a carrier out. Just put the numbers from the tag on the form.
Our new tag that is on each carrier.
The massive pile of carriers waiting to be photographed!
There was lots of measuring, sewing, and silliness.

A special Thank You to member Heather Doty who came and helped us with the whole day! She helped sew, model carriers for photos, and the boring task at the end of folding a lot of carriers to go back into the suitcases.

Missy and Tressa's little guys were very good little models for us. 

In all, we handled almost 100 carriers from tagging to photographing. We also rearranged the lending libraries so at the next meeting you attend, you will be seeing a different variety than you're used to. Soon, the blog will be updated with all of the carriers we have, not just a partial listing. There's lots of growth happening with our chapter and we are excited for you all to be a part of it!

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