Friday, November 22, 2013


With the weather turning much cooler the last couple weeks, I think of Winter and warm drinks. It's time for coffee, tea with a teaspoon full of honey and hot chocolate with little marshmallows floating in the top. It's also time to start thinking about holiday parties and gifts. What gifts are you giving this year? Candles, bath products, baking mixes, honey? Will you be looking for natural, organic products for your friends, family and teachers this year? Will you be looking for products that are made in the USA? If we gave you an opportunity to do all that and support BWI of North Central Illinois at the same time, would you? Well, here's your chance!

BWI of North Central Illinois is partnering with Bee Authentic to bring you natural, organic products that are made in the USA! 

What does Bee Authentic sell? 

Honey! Bee Authentic has several different types of honey. Have you ever tried Buckwheat honey? Avocado honey? Mangrove honey? The honey will taste different based on where the bees get their nectar so you might just want to buy a sampler!

Baking mixes! Are you gluten free and looking for a cupcake mix? Bee authentic has both Lemon and Red Velvet mixes that are gluten free! They also have organic cookie, pretzel, focaccia and pizza mixes. 

Spice mixes! Do you want to feel like you are relaxing beachside in Key West? There's a spice blend for that! Bee Authentic also has Original, Italian and Southwest spice blends available.

Drinks! Bee Authentic buys Fair Trade coffee and roasts the beans in South Florida. You can buy whole coffee beans or ground. If you aren't a coffee drinker, cocoa is available too!

Candles! Want candles without paraffin? These candles burn longer and paraffin candles and clean the air while burning! Bee Authentic has several styles of beeswax candles available. 

Bath and Body Products! Would you like to relax with some essential oil body wash? Orange or Lavender? How about Lavender or Peppermint Bath salts for a little relaxation time? Would you like a solid lotion bar to help with that dry, Winter skin? Solid lotion bars have no bottles. They are made with beeswax, honey, cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oils. (Yes, I will be trying the solid lotion bar! Will you?)

Soap! Would you rather wash with an organic soap bar? Do you need some organic, foaming hand soap for the kids? Both Lemongrass and Lavender are available. Bar soaps come in Honey, Citrus, Patchouli, Peppermint or Oatmeal Lavender.  These bars come in three-packs so you can split the set and make three people happy! 

Garden in a box! What kind of flowers do you want in your garden next year, patriotic or sunflowers? Will your garden have vegetables or herbs? These kits have seed packets, dirt pellets, biodegradable cups and instructions. 

Seeded wrapping paper! Want a gift within a gift? Wrap your package in this seeded wrapping paper and you'll give two gifts in one! The wrapping paper can be planted to grow wild flowers! I love this idea. I need some wild flowers!

Pet products! Want all natural shampoo or treats for your dog or cat? How about some catnip? These are natural, organic products for your pet!

How do I order?

There are two ways to order. When you order from either the catalog or the website, 40% of your order goes to BWI of North Central Illinois.

To place your catalog order, contact a leader by December 2 at 11:59pm. You can also e-mail us at to place your order. Order forms will be available at meetings through December 2. If paying by check, please make checks payable to BWI of North Central Illinois. We are told these orders will be delivered before Christmas. We plan to have meetups so that we can get these orders to you. 

You can also order directly from the website here:   BWI of North Central Illinois will still get 40% but the products will be delivered directly to you! Please enter "BWI of North Central Illinois" in the box for the "Organization Name"and in the box on the checkout page.  

What if I like the products? Can I order more?

You can always order directly from the Bee Authentic website. Anything you order from the website will be shipped directly to you. Please identify "BWI of North Central Illinois" in the "Organization Name" and we'll get 40% whether it's next month or next year!

So, please support BWI of North Central Illinois with your Christmas shopping this year!

Happy Wearing!

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