Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Fluff!!


We have had so many exciting things going on in the last month! Our new group is off to a stellar start thanks to all of you! Our membership drive has been incredibly successful. Because of that, we got some NEW FLUFF!!!!!! We are very excited about some carriers that were donated and we would love to share with you what we bought with membership money!

We checked out so many wraps during the Sugar Grove and Dekalb meetings that we NEEDED more! When we contacted Jennifer at Marsupial Mamas to see what she had in stock (because we know she ships lightening fast), she graciously offered to donate some very special wraps! (See above) Thanks to Marsupial Mamas, we now have a beautiful Kokadi Erdvogel. It’s a size 4, all cotton and whimsical. Jennifer also donated a size 5 Natibaby HEMP clovers. Yes, you read that right, HEMP! These wraps are both atypical for a lending library and we invite you to thank Marsupial Mamas personally!

We also want to thank Alisa from Color Dip Studios! Alisa is a friend to many of us. She’s very excited about our new group and our growth. She also donated something we don’t have….a Comfy Joey ring sling! Ring slings are popular in our library and we’re happy to have a new brand for everyone to try out!

That's not all! Thanks to all of our new memberships, we were able to purchase two more wraps and an SSC! Did someone want more hemp? We purchased a very loved, well-broken in size 4 Erba hemp Indio. We love that it's well-loved so that it's all soft and floppy but still supportive!

We also purchased a Heaven and Earth Nino! Ninos have a tight weave and this one has just enough weight to be great for toddlers as well as little babies! Who doesn't love a good Nino?

Want something else to be excited about? We have a new Kinderpack! This one is a standard body with standard straps and it's adorable! Kinderpacks are very good quality and one of the comfiest carriers for older kids. We now have both an infant adjustable and a standard sized KP and hope to acquire more soon.

Remember, this month ONLY, all of our membership money stays in our local group! You can enter to win great prizes by becoming a member, renewing your membership, referring someone who becomes a member or by donating a carrier. If you can't make a meeting, contact one of the leaders to sign up this week! Happy June!

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