Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring is Here!

After a dreary, drizzly, and sometime flurry spring, the weather has finally decided to cooperate and that means one thing around here...getting out and enjoying the wonders of Northern Illinois!  From watching red wing black birds staking out their nesting territory to the romantic chorus of frogs filling the evenings with their songs and even the mundane tasks of yard work, a crucial piece of this springtime puzzle in our family is babywearing!  Is there a better way of sharing the wonders of springtime with my family?  I don't think so!
Here are some things to remember about wearing your baby safely this spring and early summer:
1.  Pace yourself.  If you have been cooped up inside all winter and can't wait to get out and go for a walk, or try out some new wraps or carriers keep in mind that you are now at least 10 pounds heavier...Now imagine that simple task of walking around the lawn suddenly becoming a grueling march across your yard!

2. Pace your rider.  You maybe all gung-ho about getting out there, but, your rider might have other ideas.  Keep in mind you have a rider so that means that your kiddo will need some time adjusting to being carried for long periods of time.  Sometimes they wear out, no pun intended.

3. Protection against the elements.  I can remember some of the worst sunburns I've gotten were in early spring.  "It's not summer, I don't have to worry about sunscreen..." WRONG! Your kiddo is still exposed to the elements just as much as you are; the thing is some of them can't express their needs.  Keeping them protected (sunscreen, hats, sunglasses) against the elements is not only wise babywearing, it's wise parenting.

4. Hydration.  Remember with the extra weight you are getting a decent workout, keeping yourself hydrated is an excellent idea, but so is bringing along a water bottle/sippy cup for your kiddo.  If they happen to spill on you, just imagine you are under one of those fancy spritzer fountains.

5. Keep in mind all the other aspects of babywearing...posture, stomach in, bend your knees, and avoid extreme sports.  Resist the urge to hit the half pipe when wearing your kiddo...I know it sounds tempting and you want to be the cool parent, but your center of gravity is not the same when babywearing!

Well, I hope these tips are helpful, and I look forward to seeing you share pictures and stories of things you do with your family this spring/early summer.
Getting ready to help me with some yard work.

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