Monday, August 20, 2018

Yesterday we had a board meeting. It was not the type of board meeting we expected to have even a week ago. But with BWI national's announcement about bankruptcy, we all know it was a discussion that needed to take place.
I know that some of us have had dreams for this chapter to grow and flourish and have all parents in our counties babywearing because we know how helpful it can be. Our chapter began in 2013 with a completely different set of people. It did grow, it did share the babywearing love, and it did help educate a lot of caregivers. But in the most recent year or two, we have had struggles with having enough volunteers to run meetings, barely managed to keep a board of directors, and sadly smaller and smaller attendance at all meetings.
With all that taken into account, we have decided to close the chapter and not restructure.
We are still working out the legalities and logistics of what to do with our assets, mainly carriers and money we had in our account. We don’t have details on specifically what will happen with the lending libraries but we are attempting to find the best homes for them. They can still be used elsewhere to help babywearing continue to grow.
The Woodstock meeting will still be taking place but we will not be lending out only receiving. We can still educate so please come if you are able. We will also work on collecting any carriers we have out.
Thank you for being a part of this community. We will share further details as we figure them out.