Member Benefits

What Does Membership Offer?

Lending Library Access

 When you become a member of BWI of NCIL you pay $30 for a 12 month membership. During that time you can check out 1 carrier a month from our lending library. This means  You can wear your child everyday for a year for only $30!  This is such an incredible value! There are not many carriers on the market for that price and when you consider the quality of carriers and the variety available in the lending library you will undoubtedly find something to meet your babywearing needs.  View some of our current carriers here.

 You will be Supporting Our Mission

The goal of our chapter is to support and educate caregivers about the art of babywearing. As a non-profit organization the leaders spend countless hours preparing for and running monthly meetings, doing paperwork,  planning, promoting, continuing education and more. As volunteers our payment comes in the form of seeing the chapter grow, helping caregivers find the love of babywearing and seeing little ones safely and happily being worn.  We  know that like us, each of you sees babywearing as a valuable parenting tool. What  better way to show your support of something you love than to become a member of an organization that shares that idea?

Member Only Discounts

We have partnered with some local and online businesses to bring you special discounts and offers!

Natural Days
Alloa Baby
A Baby Naturally

We hope to add additional businesses to this list so keep watching for more offers!
Members will receive instructions in their welcome e-mail.

Member Workshops

Member Workshops will be held twice a year and will  focus on different skills/carriers. They are perfect for broadening your knowledge base on certain carriers and working on more advanced skills.  These workshops will be open to members and non members. Members will receive priority registration and free admission. Registration for non members will be opened up as space allows and will be $5 per person.

Additional  Benefits 

  • Each month we will draw a name for a member to check out an extra carrier from the lending library for that month.
  • We will have drawings from time to time at meetings for items such as gift cards or small prizes. 
  • We also have an awesome opportunity once a quarter for someone to borrow a Natibaby tester! These testers are new releases from Natibaby that we would love feedback on.  They are available for you to borrow for a month in addition to your usual check out. You can do a guest blog post or review about your time with the wrap or if blogging isn't for you (I never thought I would do it, but it's fun!) just enjoy your time with the wrap and this amazing opportunity.
As you can see there are so many benefits to being a member of BWI of NCIL! In addition to these great benefits you will also get to know other caregivers, make new friends and become a part of an awesome community of people!
If you would like to become a member of BWI of North Central Illinois you can follow this link to sign up today! You can also sign up at one of our next meetings, by contacting a leader through our facebook page or by emailing us at

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