Meetings- Events- Calendar

Monthly Meetings- Locations, dates and times are always changing. Please see this calendar or the events tab on our Facebook group for current information.

Playgroups - We encourage members to get together outside of our meetings to enjoy each others company. If you'd like to set up a playgroup (at a park, coffee house, etc.) please send a message to the group and we can add it to our calendar. Any “meetup” type activity that is not led by BWI VBE meeting leaders MUST be called a playgroup, and can never be called a meeting. We also encourage playgroups if you and friends want to share your babywearing knowledge and try out each other’s carriers.

Special Events/ Community Outreach – We’re hoping to offer several special events. Check back here or our FB page for details. Let us know if there’s something you have in mind.

Babywearing Classes- We can provide instruction on safety, getting comfortable and choosing a carrier for your group or business. Or we can teach one specific topic like wrapping. Contact us to have a class taught at your location!

Sick Policy
When attending our meetings, use common sense and do not bring a sick child or come if you are sick yourself. We have pregnant moms, small infants and children, and others who may have compromised immune systems at our meetings and we want to keep everyone healthy! If we have knowledge that you or your child are at a meeting and are sick, we will ask you to leave the meeting and not return to a meeting until you are well.

That includes avoiding meetings if you or little one are:
*running a fever of 100.4 or higher within the last 24 hours
*any vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
*a common cold with discolored nasal mucus or a cough
*sore throat
*an undiagnosed rash or skin infection
*any symptoms of any childhood communicable diseases
*pinkeye or other contagious infections
*suspected mononucleosis

If you cannot make a meeting and have a carrier to return, simply contact one of the librarians and they can help to figure out an arrangement to get your carrier returned in a timely fashion so that you can avoid a late fee. Also, please notify us when turning in a carrier that has been in a house with an illness so that we can appropriately clean the carrier before returning it to check-out rotation.

We have our calendar here and on our public Facebook page. We will do our best to keep them both synced. Let us know if we missed a meeting, playdate or event.

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